Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

Another weekend closer to back-to-school

The Boys' Jazz camp had a performance to wrap up the week, and both boys had solo's, The Oldest had a duet. They sounded really good. Had supper at about 4:00 from In-n-Out, and spent the evening doing some laundry and hanging around. I read a bit, and caught up on TV after The Boys went to bed. I missed having Corky here, but with her continuing cough, we both need sleep, so she's mostly been at her place, even on her days off.

Slept in, and finished laundry, got The Boys to shower and try on clothes, getting rid of a bunch of The Youngest's too small shirts and shorts, and I now have an idea of the sizes they need, and what clothes. The Youngest needs nothing until it grows cold enough for long pants, and The Oldest only needs some shorts, and may need long pants too. I roasted some beets, had a delicious salad for lunch and went grocery shopping. Made dinner, and read some additional short stories before Corky stopped by after work to bid us all a good night.

Went to the beach with The Boys, bff and her son. It was a pleasant day, a bit chilly. That didn't keep The Boys out of the water though. We initially tried going to a state park, but the lack of parking had us at the beach first. It drizzled a couple of times and I felt a little wind burnt after it all. Things were only slightly strained with bff, and a bit awkward. I still didn't talk to her about how I was hurt by her actions lately, and in some way I suppose she has also been hurt by my actions. Her husband is traveling out of country (this is the second trip in 3 weeks), and the last time he was gone, I didn't contact her to make sure she was okay. I will see her again later this week, and we spent today together, so that is actually WAY more than last trip. Still, I feel like I am trying to justify being remote by calling out that I was hurt. In reality, I never called her out on that initial hurt, and now my behavior must seem weird... And so, I will try to pull my shit together and just be who I am.

I hope you all have a good week.

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