Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Evening Weekend Wrap Up

OMFG - This weekend FLEW by! Let's see if I can ACTUALLY capture everything we did...

Friday - Had a good counseling session where I felt like I got alot out of my system that I was surprised I'd been holding onto. Worked in The Boys' classroom making ceramics and turkey feathers with Kindy's and Firsts. Was supposed to go to Pub Grub and my High School vs. the cross town rival Football game with The Dude and a bunch of people he was friends with during HS, and reconnected with at his 25th reunion over the summer. Yes, I'm back to calling my Husband "The Dude". Calling him "MDH" was causing too much confusion, and I got quite a few not so pleasant guesses for what the "D" stood for. Early afternoon he got a text from another friend who asked for a ride home from the airport at 6:00 that night. SFO. Friday night. 1 hour drive time with no accidents. So, instead of going to dinner with people I really do not know, I did the airport run. Some time alone in the car, and a few laps around SFO, and we were on our way back with the family, and their 10 bags, and stories of their cruise and Honduras. Pretty uneventful overall, and they were very thankful. Got home around 8:00 and decided since I only went to the HS football games that I was required to attend as a part of the band, and not a one in the intervening 20+ years, I would skip it. Add to that, The Dude calling to tell me that I would have to park at least a mile away, and it was about 40 degrees out at the time, and a salad and a cup of tea sounded like just what I needed. I even went to my folks' to pick up The Boys early. They were in the middle of watching Babes in Toyland, so I stayed through the end, despite being admonished for my kids not knowing enough nursery rhymes... So The Boys ended up going to bed after 10:00. The Dude went out after the game to continue with his friends.

Saturday morning was spent cleaning and doing laundry and fielding questions about how much more time there was before a birthday party. Duke The Dog was acting weird, puking about 8 times over the course of the morning, drinking all his water, but not eating a thing, and panting at odd times. Not going anywhere, but out to puke, and shakily walking back to his bed. I was really worried about him. Bowling Birthday party was 3:00 - 5:00, and a cousin's Sleepover Birthday party started at 6:00. The Dude went to the bowling party, then napped due to his late Friday night. When I got home after dropping The Boys for the Sleepover, I sat with Duke because I was afraid it was his kidneys and it was also his last day with us. I did Reiki on him, only to discover it wasn't his kidneys at all, it was his intestines - he ate something that caused all of the problems. I tried to get him to eat a dish of rise, cut up hot dog and tuna, but he wouldn't even lift his head to sniff it, though the cat was wanting it! The Dude sat with Duke when he woke up, and we watched some TV before retiring for the night.

Sunday morning Duke was back to his tail wagging, face licking self and scarfed the rice/hot dog/tuna mix first thing! The Dude had a late morning soccer game, so I took scooters and picked up The Boys from the Sleepover, where they had a BLAST! We went to the soccer game and rode scooters. The Youngest even dropped into the skate park next to the field, and everyone was really cool about it. I was tempted to try a ripstick, but regained my mind in quick order. Following the game, The Boys and I picked up lunch for them and went to a nephew's soccer division championship match, where they were shut out. They were pretty bummed out, but had a great season. We got home, unpacked and repacked the boys for a sleepover at Oma's. C arrived at 4:00, and we all piled in the car. Dropped off The Boys, picked up D&J, and headed to Santa Cruz for a concert by Great Big Sea. On the way, we found out they weren't going to go on until 9:00, and we were all dutifully indignant about having such a late Sunday night. Then we realized we were sounding geriatric and decided to just suck it up and move on! We met J&M at Taqueria Los Pericos and had a GREAT dinner, but needed something sweet to end it and went to Saturn Cafe - that was our fatal flaw really. The Mini Madness is humongous, the coffee was great, and we were all suffering intestinal distress the rest of the night! The concert was awesome - 4th row, in a smallish venue - the guys sounded great, and Alan's beard makes him look like a Rankin & Bass character.

Never heard of Great Big Sea? Then you must be new to my blog, because I've written about them before, several times probably. If you have a chance to go to one of their shows - go! It is very high energy and fun!
I'm embedding one of my current favorites songs at the end - take a listen!

Today I went to the office because Corporate Real Estate is doing some sort of space usage survey where they are paying a person to walk by our cubicles every hour and see if we are there, and working. Big Brother meets Corporate Bureaucracy at its best. Now everyone is FREAKING out, thinking if they even visit the restroom their boss is going to think they took early leave or long lunch. That would be ridiculous, no one on the West Coast takes or otherwise gets a lunch because we are in MEETINGS with East Coast and India at all hours of the day and night. Which also happens to necessitate our working from home while barely awake at said hours. This week should be filled with even more paranoia than usual, I'm sure productivity will be just dandy...

And now some Music Monday for you!

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