Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Overheard boy conversations, and other distracting crap

I have this week off of work. Of course, that doesn't mean I actually get nice relaxing days or nights, but at least I don't have the head splitting thing going on for that part of my brain dedicated to Phone Company IT. The Youngest has been struck with a 2 day flu, just like his brother last week. Only instead of puking in the hallway/trashcan at school, he has puked in his bed. Yes, you read that right. In. His. Bed. On the top bunk. In the middle of the night (it was really 5:30, but I'd already been up twice for the dog and cat, so it felt much worse). He also puked on the living room floor. According to all male members of the house, the splatter pattern was the size of an extra large pizza. The fact that this is their thought process has me disturbed. Maybe they will be CSI guys when they grow up... Or Dexter. The Dude, while purchasing our new modem was talked into ordering U-Verse, which was successfully installed today (knock on wood). Because U-Verse techs make it very clear in the install plan that they DO NOT move furniture, I got to move our TV cabinet, desk, and a dresser, which also means I got to perform the archeological dig on findings under said items. Found a DS that was lost for the past 9 months. Was actually looking for the postage stamp sized iPod shuffle that's been lost for a week. Reorganized the office/playroom in anticipation of the Christmas, and also hoping to find the shuffle. Still on the list for this week - renovating the floor plan of the master bedroom, tearing apart The Boys' room in search of the shuffle, and decorating for Christmas (but not until Friday). Oh, and The Cat got her ass handed to her in a fight, and has not one, but two infected punctures on two different paws. I got one over the weekend, and didn't even notice the other until today. Pus removal, draining, reopening a wound, hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic ointment, q-tips, and shredded arms/legs have been the cherry on the proverbial sundae of this week. The Dude hasn't had any relaxing time either. On top of his normal jobs, he got to climb under the house to ground outlets for U-Verse, and discovered water under the house which will set him on another project entirely.
Overheard so far this week from The Boys while cleaning their room (I made them dump out and sort their 3 bins of duplos/legos also in hopes of finding the iPod):
The Oldest: I'm going to help you with your pile.
The Youngest: Don't touch my pile, I'm getting it done!
The Oldest: Then stop dilly dallying, and get yours done!
The Youngest: I have tiny hands!
The Oldest: Well apparently, you have tiny hands and I haven't been dilly dallying, so I'm already done with mine.
The Youngest: I'm not dilly dallying, MOM!

And that's when it deteriorated, but not before I was laughing! They are 8 and 6, and having a conversation that includes the word apparently, and the phrase dilly dally! I'm amazed they can go from that to armpit farts, to dog poop in under a minute!

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Barry said...

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. May your day be rich and warm and satisfying.

And may someone else volunteer to do the clean up for you.