Friday, November 6, 2009

My Town Shoot Outs - Skylines

This week's shoot out theme is courtesy of Kate of growth spurt, "My topic is up to bat this week and I picked Skylines. One of my favorite things to see when I go to a new city is the look of their skyline - and for me, skylines can be the look of a small-town Main Street or the giant buildings of a huge city's downtown or a field full of corn. What is the "skyline" that you think of when someone mentions your town?"

I encourage you to go and see everyone's contributions here!

I will not have a contribution this week. We all have colds and I am totally not motivated o go out and shoot anything.


Barry said...

Both my daughter's and their children have colds (or H1N1) too.

Relax. Stay warm. Drink lots of fluid.

Blog later.

Much later. We'll all still be here.

Chef E said...

Feel better J9! hugs...