Monday, July 26, 2010

Music Monday and floating brain matter

Please to enjoy:

Random thoughts about various things that have been floating around in my brain all week:

I am surprised by the level of violent thought that can come from an emotionally unstable grandmother one minute and the level of sadness the next.
Having my hair petted by a gorgeous blonde, while she purrs and winks is distracting in a good way. When she is your dear friend, it's more than distracting.
Finding out your newly acquainted friends like Focus on the Family is disappointing at best, but makes me question my ability to pick friends. I have lost friendships over far less, and it's left me wondering if this is worth it. It has also opened my eyes to the reality if my life in comparison to others.
Speaking up for myself feels good, and gets me more of what I want and less anger and resentment.
Life does indeed go on.

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