Monday, November 8, 2010

Music Monday Weekend Wrap Up

First off a song:

And the weekend went like this:

Friday - The Boys had a half day off of school, end of Trimester Teacher Workday. The Youngest was at a fellow 2nd Grader's Birthday Party - at the movies, followed by pizza, and had fun, while The Oldest hung out at home and watched a glut of TV. Friday Night was fairly quiet with little whinning, and The Dude studying Microbiology.

Saturday - Got up early and went grocery shopping, as we were out of laundry soap and dryer sheets, two necessities for laundry on the weekend. Got home, unloaded and put away said groceries and left again to shop for a friend's 50th party later that night. Ended up going in with another friend on a gift basket and items for a fondue (chocolate fountain) tray. Got home and didn't even enter the house. Immediately left for the final game of The Youngest's soccer season. He played goalie for a quarter, stopping all but one goal, and scored three himself, including the season ending goal! It was a great season, and all the boys on the team had fun. Signed The Youngest up for Little Leaugue on the way out of The Sports Park, and went directly to the End Of Season Pizza Party, where there was pizza, cupcakes and trophies. One of the Jr. Coaches wrote very nice words about all the players, and everyone had fun. Came home, picked and cut up apples and went to the 50th party which was fun and a little wild, while The Dude took The Boys to a Jr. High production of Grease. The daughter of friends was in the chorus and they loved it. I got home before they did and went directly to bed (well, after a LARGE glass of water, Tums and Motrin)...

Sunday - it was the end of Daylight Savings Time, and we all slept in a bit. Ended up cleaning out the lint tube on the dryer, and did laundry all day. Also processed about 500 photos and listened to The Boys watch, and then re-enact Grease Lightning. All. Day. Long..... They did take a break mid day to tell me their Christmas wish lists - oh joy!

Happy Monday all!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my stars - I am exhausted just reading about your weekend! But it all sounds like fun (well, minus the repititious "Greased Lightening!" I am happy for you.

I am going to a production of Grease this Saturday night, and I am really looking forward to it. Should be fun.