Monday, November 15, 2010

Music Monday Weekend Wrap Up

This song has been in HEAVY rotation in my brain and ipod all weekend!!!

Let's do a rundown of the weekend shall we?

Friday - worked in the morning, and on meetings :-P Then worked in the classroom with 4th and 5th graders on One Point Perspective. They did really well, but it is interesting to see what they get hung up on, mostly it was translating a three dimentional space onto a two dimentional medium. We took them out to the lanes on the blacktop and brought a ball so that they could witness that things look smaller when they are further away from the viewer, and two parallel lines look like they will converge on a single point. Then we did a step by step for one point perspective, leading them though the terms and the drawings. I think I'll go get some t-squares or speed squares before we move to two point perspective, so as not to completely blow their minds. After that, we will move to negative space, and then to still life in various mediums. OK, enough on my geeky artsy teachery stuff... Had a Happy Hour Playdate with only one of my friends and her kids, and it was totally cool. I made the drinks way too stiff, but still good, and we got to hang out and decompress, which rocked!

Saturday - was planning a mellow day, watching soccer games of a couple of nephews and hair cuts for The Dude and The Boys, and then laundry and cleaning house. Ended up out of the house ALL DAY, talking S off of a cliff when confronted with the reality that has been in place for years, but only newly revealed to her. It wasn't all sunshine and roses, and it will take her a while to unlearn the behaviors that pull her into the drama she doesn't need. She needs lifelines, and I am one of those, and happy to help in any way I can.
This is her theme song right now:

Sunday - worked a 3 hour shift at the snack shack, and then laundry and cleaning, washing the dogs, and grocery shopping. Also talked to M, who had a hundred questions about yesterday. Emotionally drained from the whole thing and having to navigate through the pain and hurt and anger to actual tools useful in interactions with the very people who have hurt you.

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