Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday - Veteran's Day

I took this photo. I walked two military cemeteries during half a year in order to record their beauty. What I found was complete sadness at such loss of life. The person in this photo is a bugler. His name is Mark. He came out this day, as he had on many other occasions, to honor his fellow service men and women. I heard from his family only months later that he suffered from Alzheimer's and they wondered why my card, e-mail and copy of a model release was in his possession. I sent them the book where this photo appears, and a note of gratitude.
I thank all of our service people, and although I am staunchly opposed to war, I am grateful to all men and women who serve. I hope that someday soon gay people are allowed to openly serve as well.

Please keep these folks in you thoughts, prayers, and positive vibes this week:
Liz - my friend and a kick-ass grandma (literally - she just attained her 3rd degree black belt). Her father is having brain surgery today. Send positive an healing thoughts her way.
The Hunter Family - a local family who lost their father last weekend after a week on life support, following an off-road accident. Also for the little girl who caused the accident, that she may never know what effect her actions caused.
S - is going through a particularly rough patch. Send your vibes for her path to smooth out, and her confidence to return. She and her kids deserve so much better than they have had to endure.
KP - Is in the middle of making a decision on her relationship with R. Send her the calming energy she needs to have clarity in her decisions.
Audrey (CN) - my bloggy friend is still in treatment and bouncing back to her positive self.
Audrey (US) - Sending positive thoughts that all of the tests for her cancer continue to show no evidence!

My love to you all for continued good health and happiness!

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