Monday, February 14, 2011

Music Monday and Weekend Wrap Up

Oh, and Welcome new follower Rory - who I think must have been bludgeoned in the head over at Erin O'Brien, or thought at least one of my comments was pithy enough to warrant a visit here...

The weekend was...

Friday - Lunar New Year Feast at the school, rendering all students unable to do much of anything all afternoon. Followed by a hang out at a friend's. Had to leave early to get to my folks' for dinner where there was a ton of laughter courtesy of the 4 boys aged 7-13, and some awkward moments I can attribute to my Mother.

Saturday - was in an all day training for DI appraisers DI= Destination Imagination, and if you have no clue what that is, go here and check it out. Both boys are on teams this season, and are having a blast. Because I am assigned the scoring room, I have it particularly easy, and also was out of training by 12:30. That was a good thing because I had a TON of laundry, and we went to a vertical tasting of Rubicon wines. 1996-2005, and I was driving, so I wasn't drinking. Plus, as we have already heard, Red Wine is not my friend, though Sangria is a little more agreeable... The food and company were good, and got caught up with friends we hadn't seen in a while, though figured out it was because of a DUI arrest over the summer. REALLY didn't drink after that revelation... The dude made some plan to go to Mardi Gras without me. wtf... And the rest of the evening passed without incident.

Sunday - LAUNDRY, CLEANING, and I am disgusted by the level of filth in my house. Also shot a passport photo for a friend, bought Girl Scout cookies from another friend, and found out The Dude decided not to get a Valentine's card for me this year, which he announced upon returning from the store, "No cards this year, right?" I replied that I'd already done so last week, and he said, "oh". I won't get anything today. It's a bit disappointing. Also, a little weirded out by The Dude's desire to uninvite me to Mardi Gras. At first he didn't want to go because we will be there for less than 24 hours. I still want to go. Then, he thought he'd catch a ride, and I'd stay home. I still want to go. Now he's thinking of not going (either of us). I still want to go. There will be people at the party I would like to see, and likely make The Dude uncomfortable, I get that, but I still want to go. We'll see how this plays out...

And The Grammy's. I'm not usually a fan, but last year I was completely blown away and I was looking forward to that again this year. I wasn't as impressed. I did find out about Esperanza Spalding, who I hadn't heard about before. Want to see something impressive?

Was also impressed by Mumford and Sons:

The paranoia has lessened, though there is a heightened sense of awareness for the stupid, but trying to be sneaky methods of a person who is likely not happy with some actions I've recently taken.

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The Writer Currently Known as Rory said...

I've got so many blogs bookmarked in one of my folders in Internet Explorer, yet full well knowing that I couldn't possibly visit them every day. So within the blogs I do visit, when I come upon comments that are close to my frame of mind, I see if that person has a blog. And then, if so, that blog is worth visiting every day. Plus, I'm grateful that on the Blogger dashboard, I'm kept apprised of which of the blogs have new entries. So it's easy for me, and I'm constantly entertained.

But bludgeoned, no. Born strange, most likely.