Monday, February 21, 2011

Music Monday and Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was overall good. Didn't have any plans, though The Boys did.

Friday - The Oldest had DI after school, and I spent the time working and starting laundry. The Dude did the grocery shopping. The evening was pretty quiet.

Saturday - The Oldest had DI from 10-1, and I went for a hike during that time. It was a 30-40 degree rise at the start, which would take 5 minutes for someone who is in good aerobic health. That would not be me. My hiking partner is a yoga instructor who does that hike regularly. I had to stop 5 times on the way up, but felt great the rest of the hike (at the top of a ridge nearby). It was rainy and muddy the entire time, and we had tea and a visit afterward to warm up and dry off. Because of the rain and mud, I wore my heavy boots, which are HEAVY, especially covered in mud. It rained pretty much all day, so I finished laundry and felt rather accomplished.

Sunday - The Youngest had DI from 10-1 and a playdate following that until 4. The oldest had tons of rehearsal to make up, for taking that time to finish a report on George Washington toward the end of the week. It wasn't rainy, so I went for a walk which got my brain back in alignment and helped to center me. I didn't listen to my iPod, and took my camera to shoot for Friday's challenge, and for tomorrow.

Monday - The Boys have the day off, and I do not. There was an emergency team meeting scheduled for 1:00, causing stress because lay-offs are coming around again. It was however to announce the promotion of a team member, so that was a good news meeting, and no need for stress, whew! The Oldest is auditioning for Sound of Music tonight, and is as ready as he will ever be. He's excited, and a little nervous.

He's singing this:

Because I made him pick something from a musical, and we saw Shrek The Musical in December. I told him to break a leg.

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