Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Town Shoot Out - From The Hip

This week's Theme is courtesy of the My Town Shoot Out gang.
"From the Hip! That's right. Taken from the hip. Walk through a store or park or main street with your camera on your hip, shooting away!"

You can shoot high........ you can shoot low. You won't know! Or just shoot ahead of you as you walk. Maybe once in a while, shoot behind you."

Check out the other participants here and here.

I really enjoyed this challenge, and shot MANY photos that I really liked, but what side of my town do I show? The sometimes seedy underbelly of a suburban city, filled with angsty teens who think not getting that new Mercedes for their sweet 16 is a complete rip off? So much so that they start small fires in the HS parking lot?
 There are others, teens who work to better this world by recycling and gardening:
 There is the storm ravaged streets:
 And we have at least one fan of Bansky here:
 We also have some very disturbed person setting up this tableau in my neighborhood:

 OR, do I show the more pleasant and pastoral side of my town? The one where seed pods from trees await the coming rain:
 And fences make lovely shadows on clean sidewalks:
 And neighbors collect old trucks that look nice:
 Where flowers and trees sway in the breeze:
 And small wonders await your glance:
  Lovely day for a walk, wouldn't you say?

Happy Friday all!


Jama said...

I see some awesome pictures here!

DawnTreader said...

Oh you managed a wide variety in your photos! :)

gigi said...

That is a great collection of hip shots :)

Ann said...

The top photos, look like you were hit by an earthquake too.

Those seed pods, prickly one, what do you call them? Conkers?

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

A great variety of HipShots in your Town! Loved the neighbors Truck! Awesome photos!

Kerry said...

What an interesting bunch of shots. I do really like the second one, with the tools, bike and cans all together in a small space. I also lust after that 1946 pick-up truck! Now about that tableau: what kind of animal skin was that, exactly? eeeuw, creepy!

Anonymous said...

All great shots, but my favorite is the one at the top! Awesome picture.

Sarah said...

Oh what great many wonderfully different ones!! Wow!! I spotted the gum balls in the street..we used to live in NC and had tons of them in our yard! Wonderful shootout hon, Sarah

Pauline said...

Oh gosh, not only do I have photo envy but truck envy. Just love the truck and your photo of it. I think your first photo is just wonderful.

Sandra said...

thank yo for the trip to your town, the photos are great and tell the story of the good, the bad and the ugly perfectly. all towns and cities have this. i really like the cones against the curb. thanks for dropping by my blog yesterday

Doreen said...

awesome presentation J9. my fav is the second shot and the commentary with it. even though there is always the bad sad side, there is always the good and uplifting ones. thanks for sharing this.

J9 said...

Ann - I think they are called gum tree balls most places.

Kerry - it's a squirrel.