Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend went by fairly quickly.
Had my annual "Last Friday before school starts" Pool Party. 4 adults (5 if you count my gf), and 7 kids, snacks, and white sangria. A few hours, a bit chilly, but fun. My BFF already knows my GF, who I shall refer to as Corky for now - We'll get to all of that in another post. But my other friends finally were able to meet the woman who has put a smile on my face this summer, and who takes care of me and makes me feel loved and happy like I haven't in a very long time. In fact, one of my friends remarked that she has not ever seen me this happy in the 6 years we have known each other. It turned into a Mermaids dinner kind of night after the sangria was consumed. Managed to get The Boys to bed at a relatively decent hour, though they did NOT fall asleep as soon as I'd have liked. Corky had to work early and didn't stay past 6p.

This was the day of my God Mother's funeral mass. I've touched on her previously here. All of her surviving brothers were there as were all of her children and grandchildren and two new great grand daughters. Many women wore hats as a nod to her preference for large hats in church, and I thought the priest was well spoken, though his homily didn't necessarily belong in a funeral, and wandered at times.

Corky worked until 1, and stopped by before heading out to her niece's wedding. The pics she sent looked like they were all having a great time, and I missed her all evening. She was scheduled to work early Sunday as well, so I didn't expect to see her at all.

I have been struggling over when to tell my parents that I have a girlfriend, have dated women this summer and found one to love. Saturday was not the day. Too many emotions already, and I couldn't add that to their already strained day.

This was the day to dry run getting ready and to school for The Oldest. It took an hour and 15 minutes from rolling out of bed to the school. The longest parts of the routine were about 25 minutes each - shower and get dressed, and make and eat breakfast. So if he can cut either of those down, he can sleep in a little. Otherwise, his alarm will go off at around 6am. So Sunday night was 8:30 bed time. We did go to Corky's and had dinner and watched the VMAs and the 49er game for a little while. Since Corky works early, we didn't stay late.

May you all have a great week ahead of you.

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