Sunday, August 4, 2013

What I learned last week

This is a callback to my first post, which you can find here.

I learned last night that if you place several tea lights on top of a plastic milk crate, turned on it's side, and then proceed to make love to the point of not paying attention to the flames, you could nearly burn your house down. One of us likely kicked the crate, tipping over the candle that did the damage. I also learned what burning milk crate sounds like (a slight roar). You could come close to burning the hair off your head (ala Michael Jackson) blowing out the fire, and it throws the mood enough that if you are close to climax, you really do need to start again.

It all started with a sushi cluster fuck, and a bar visit, which was off the hook this week with the addition of a table dancer who brought a bag of props, and likely made over $100, and will NEVER have to pay for a drink at that establishment. It ended with me and another leaving said bar together, thereby pissing off a third attendee who wished to date the party that isn't me. Did I mention that I wore a push up bra and low cut top? My H's were well on display, causing a delightful blush to the cheeks of the other party. I seriously doubt anyone at the bar could have described my face. We enjoyed our evening (until the fire).

And now? Things with this other person were getting a bit more serious than either of us planned or really desired, so now we are on a break. I'm bummed because I enjoyed seeing them every day. We'll see how this all plays out. Between then and now? Went to an outdoor concert with other party, where the ex (not mine) was kissing and rubbing on them. Weirded me out a bit, as I was sitting right there, though I stake no claim... Left me feeling like the other party is a bit of a cad, and enjoying all of these women falling at their feet.

In more news this weekend:
The Boys' swim team won the championship!!!
My dear friend D found out her cancer is now in her brain. So fucked. Seriously fucking shit.

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