Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wicked Wednesday #11

Continuing with these posts.Wicked Wednesdays all began with this post. I'll regale you with another night of drinking that went horribly, horribly wrong. If you are under the age of consent for wherever you live in the universe, take these as cautionary tales. If you are like me and have had your share of poor judgement moments, then we can laugh together. Yes that is a picture of me with a lampshade on my head, doing the shimmy. I will not be posting the names of my cohorts in these wanton ways, but for clarification, will identify them by an initial of their names.

So there hasn't been necessarily any drunken escapades. What there has been is a hell of a lot of fun with one person in particular and figuring out how to date after such a long time not doing that. First date was a week ago , but that was after a few weeks of flirting, kissing and other things... We went to see Bound on the big screen and listen to a discussion on the film afterward. It was perfect for my film geeky side, and loved seeing the movie on a big screen. The evening ended at my place with dessert, and it was fun and hot and all kinds of awesome. I just want to continue enjoying this, but I feel likeI don't know if that will happen. A bit bummed at the moment about that. I am only one of many vying for these affections, I can't possibly be at the top of that list, though I hope to be. Also, I can't make a commitment given how burned I was by the last one I made. I really want this to be far more simple than it is, and I keep wondering why it isn't.

I find this person incredibly caring and genuine and with an inner strength and beauty that I cannot compare to anyone else. Just thinking about this person makes my stomach flip. Not traditionally handsome, not traditionally beautiful, the only word I can use to describe this person is fetching. I find myself drawn to many aspects of their personality. Plus, very talented.

Don't want to blow this and not even give it a shot. Can this be simple? Please?

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