Monday, October 20, 2008

What I learned today

I learned today that if you hold a BBQ lighter to a $2.50 sheet in an attempt to create a more realistic pirate sail for Halloween, and you are not also holding a spray bottle, you could nearly burn down your house. I also learned that burning sheets, when stomped on will melt the bottom of your sneakers. Luckily, I still have the sneakers, and my house, and I learned a valuable lesson.

It started innocently enough. As a favor to a friend, I said I'd help with my kids' elementary school Halloween Fun Night. She's in charge of the fun night, and I am more than willing to pitch in. I went to my first meeting, and started throwing out ideas for decor. Next thing I know, I'm in charge of decorating. This weekend brought painting nursery tubs like powder kegs, and making a sail out of cheap sheets, then distressing it with paint, a steak knife and flames. It looks kind of cool, but I hope it translates ok in the gym. It's about 16' x 24' and a pain to haul around.

I'm moving my blog from a very limited area to here, so if you are reading, you'll see some back posts. I'm not very regular with posting, but occasionally I do have something interestng to say (at least to me).

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