Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What a strange trip it's been

My first blog post ever - originally posted on 7/8/2008, on a limited area.

So I'm totally new to the whole blog phenom. I read them, but in my now 41 years I have never started one. I seem to prefer to write in my journal. Now that my journal has been scattered to the wind in what can only be described as a serious auto accident, I might as well do my navel gazing here.I share a birthdate with Pamela Anderson - yes, that one from Baywatch, and rock and roll whoredom. I look like the anti-PA Redheaded, freckled, overweight. Really the perfect fodder for a blog, I suppose. My life is way too busy, as I have a husband, 2 sons, a dog and a cat. Add a full time job, trying to get in better shape, several volunteer organizations, the kid activities, and I barely have time to breathe. And yet, I'm going to try to carve out some time to type every day.I work for the phone company, and I'm a Photographer - you can see my work at J9Photo.com I've been a photographer since the age of 10. I love it. I've been published, and I'm setting up my stock work at the moment. I'd rather shoot pics than sit in a cube, but I need the health benefits, and I seem to be ok at navigating the political landscape of corporate America, so I'll stick it out, send the boys to college (maybe even Domino College), and retire when I'm 60ish.I love to be in, on and around the water. Surfing, water skiing, sailing, SCUBA diving, lounging by the pool, anything really. I hate snow with a white hot passion normally reserved for dictators and terrorists. I'm a summer girl, and prefer even the 106 degrees I'm suffering under today than snow. Luckily, I live in SF Bay Area where it has only snowed 3 times in my lifetime.
Enough about me.

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