Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend "off"

I took a weekend break from my blog. I know no one is really reading it, so I don't think it's that big a deal. I had other RL stuff to do. It was the Halloween Fun Night at the kids school on Saturday, and I was at the school for a total of 24.5 hours over 3 days. I am tired, but I feel good because the kids had fun - lots of fun, and the parents didn't complain too much. Or if they did, I wasn't aware of it. Then again, from my perch on stage I wouldn't have heard most of it anyway.

I got to call Bingo, and that was pretty cool. The High Schooler who was helping me was wearing a really short skirt, and kept squatting down to check people's bingo cards, so there was a glut of gawkers in the center aisle most of the time. From what I hear, she was wearing white panties, but I didn't see them.

It was a Pirate theme, and as previously mentioned I made the sail which looked cool. Most of the parents who help set up, run the event and tear down want to do a haunted house next year. We'll have a meeting to look at what worked, and any improvements, and start planning for next year. This year, planning didn't start until a month ago, so it all felt kind of rushed.

Now I can concentrate on planning end of season soccer parties, Birthday parties, Christmas - - ARGH it never ends!!!!

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