Friday, August 30, 2013

Introducing Corky

So, the above picture is of me and my girlfriend. Her name is not Corky, but that is what I call her. I call her this because our first official date was to the New Parkway Theater to see "Bound" on a large screen. It is one of my favorite movies, starring Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly as lesbians conspiring against a mobster. Corky is one of the characters. Violet is the other. The showing also included a discussion about the film and how it fit into mainstream and queer cinema. The talk was hosted by Cheryl Dunye and Jiz Lee and was fun. I'd forgotten how hot the sex scene was, and was in Corkys lap by the end of the discussion. Great night. We'd been hanging out for about a month prior to that, and went to SF PRIDE together as friends. In the month since our first date, we've seen each other almost every day, and I see more beauty in her each day. She is kind hearted and a little bit goofy. She makes me smile and takes care of me. She is helping my heart to heal from it's very wounded state. I have been trying to protect my heart, but I can feel myself falling for her. I just know that I'm not quite there yet, and I want to be completely there, to give her everything she deserves, EVERY part of me, and ALL of my heart. The Boys like her and they all get along. She is horribly allergic to cats, and that means she isn't upstairs ever (where my cat lives). Also means we will not be sharing a home any time soon. So no U-Haul jokes for this relationship ;-). I am constantly surprised by everything she gives to me, all of the beauty of her soul and the fact that being with her feels like home. It is comforting and secure and nurturing. She makes me feel like I haven't felt in far too long, in a way I'd forgotten even existed, and had lost hope of ever finding. She is good for me. She makes me want to be more than who I am.

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kathryn said...

What a lovely, candid post about your ever-growing love. ('Cause that's what it is...whether you're willing to admit to it or not!)
She sounds fun and perfect for you. Just move at your own pace...and let the magic happen!