Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tableau Tuesday Weekend Wrap Up

A four day weekend? Sweet. With pics? AWESOME!

Took a vacation day to go with Corky to San Francisco to see Priscilla Queen of the Dessert, and it was fabulous! Dinner at Market Street Grill was OK, the musical was so fantastic. The costumes and makeup and music - just spectacular! Drinks after at the Pied Piper. the only weird thing was that we were with (among others) two of Corky's exes. They were playing games to provoke us. I couldn't care less though. Corky and I spent the night at the Palace Hotel - historic landmark, and the most comfortable bed I have EVER slept in. EVER. Of course, being physically exhausted following the late night, in room activities could have something to do with it...

Slept in a bit before heading to the Garden Court for breakfast. There is just something about being under that stained glass atrium. It makes you feel important and valued. Spent the rest of the day working our way around the city taking pictures, walking around, touring the Walt Disney Family Museum and the Presidio, and then in traffic on the way home. I failed to mention earlier that this weekend is when the Bay Bridge is switching to the new span. The span has been in the works since the last big earthquake in 1989, when a portion of the bridge collapsed, causing fatalities. The drive home across the bay bridge usually takes 45 minutes. Across the Golden Gate in stop & go, then the Richmond bridge - over 2 hours. Got to my parents to pick up my dogs & FINALLY told them about Corky. I was so nervous. Regardless of the fact that I am a 46 year old ADULT, I was freaked. Corky waited in the car and My mom came out to help me load something and met her. I gathered the dogs and was on my way out, but had to tell them. Bolstered by Corky's presence, this is how it went down:
Me: Before I leave I have to tell you (pause for a deep breath) I am dating someone and SHE is waiting in the car.
Mom: I figured
Dad: You aren't going to bring her in to meet us?
Me: Well I didn't think it was fair, considering I hadn't told you.
Mom: So, have you always been attracted to women and men?
Me: Yes, I have. Always.
Mom: So you are Bi then?
Me: Yep
Dad: Is everything OK?
Me: Yeah, Dad. Yeah it's really good. (smiling)
Dad: (Gets up and heads out to meet Corky) What are your intentions with my daughter, broad? (smiling)
Me: Dad, please don't.(rolling my eyes and smiling)
My dad met Corky, we loaded up the dogs, drove about a block and a half before I pulled over to cry and call Sis to warn her of the inevitable phone call from Mom. I am so honestly relieved, and proud of how far my folks have come since my childhood. Sis is thrilled that I finally did it, and so is Corky. So am I. Really REALLY happy.

I slept not at all. The cat woke me up at 3:00 and again at 4:30, and 6:00. She was pissed that I'd been gone overnight and spared nothing to tell me this. She batted me in the face, bit my hand and sat on my dresser while knocking things to the floor. Spent the mid morning and early afternoon shopping with Mom at the outlet center. We walked a little over a half a mile. She bought stuff for their upcoming cruise, and I found a blue leather moto jacket that looks AWESOME! I love it! Grocery shopped, did laundry and Corky came over for dinner. We hung out and just spent time together. I was still tired from the lack of sleep the night before, and my nose bleeds from elevated blood pressure. I cooked dinner and she took care of me while my nose bled. Found out that S, who has been sick for over a week is in the hospital and they are thinking his kidneys are having issues. JFC. I offered to harvest some from our enemies. He didn't respond.

Slept in like the dead after a couple of wake ups - one from the cat, and one from god knows what - sounded like a giant pogo stick echoing off of the buildings in my complex. Was likely the people across the street having new windows installed. At 7:20 in the morning... At 10:00 I woke up slightly disoriented, but feeling well rested. Bathed the dogs, and cleaned the house, and finished laundry. Also talked to D and told her about my coming out, and she is also relieved. She has a brain MRI scheduled for Wednesday, so I am keeping good thoughts of a clear scan. Corky is having roommate issues, and I feel bad because there is really nothing I can do for her about it. Ran errands and had dinner out with Corky. After Dinner there was an amazing double rainbow - really stunning! The Boys came home at 8:25 (5 minutes before their bed time...). Means that this morning will be oh so much fun getting them up for school.

And now a series of photos from this weekend's adventure:

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

May you all have a fun filled and peaceful week!

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