Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday all! This was a good weekend for me update here:

A friend from High School was in town for the America's Cup races, and wanted to get together. Corky came with us, and I drove another 2 from HS. We met at Scoma's and had dinner, which was fun and funny and yummy. I laughed, and Corky said she had fun, though I am sure she was kind of bored hearing about our HS experience. We did manage to not talk too much about it though. We came home after dinner. Corky had to work the next morning, early, and my other two friends wanted to come back then too.

Slept in and took a drive to scout a photo locale for Sunday. Stopped by Corky's work and joined her for lunch. Drove around downtown for a bit, and then came home and trimmed 3 rose bushes and pulled some weeds in my backyard. Showered and relaxed until Corky came over. We fooled around a bit and tried out a new section of my house ;-). It was fun, but required a bit of coordination.We had a late dinner at a Chinese place that has been on town forever, but I'd never been to. The string beans were close to what I loved, but a bit on the spicy side, and not enough garlic. Was goofing around after that with just my jacket, no shirt. It was driving Corky crazy, and she was blushing like crazy.

No time to sleep in, had a photo shoot at 9:00. Went well and visited Corky at work on the way back again. I love seeing her, and don't go to her work often enough. Stopped by to see how S was doing, and he looked good, but is still having issues. The Boys were due home at noon, but didn't arrive until 2:00. I just love sitting around when I could be doing other things...My nephew N had his birthday dinner at my folks' and this was the time he brought his girlfriend. I like this girl. She's sarcastic and funny, and completely like me :-). It went fairly well. Mom seemed unusually stressed out, and The Boys pushed all of her buttons. I am looking forward to the week ahead - I am just out of sorts.

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