Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday

Love and hug those around you while you can.

Today I am asking for good vibes, prayers, positive energy, light and love for two of my dearest friends and a co-worker.

My co-worker, D has a slipped disc in her back - bad enough to pop a rib out causing her to be out of breath and unable to use her arms. I am hoping she will have seen a medical person about this prior to you even reading this blog.

My first boyfriend, S has been very sick for two weeks, ending up in hospital over the weekend with nearly failed kidneys. He was doing better on Tuesday, and may in fact be home by now. He is waiting on cultures from his intestines, and further treatment, but at least he is hydrated and keeping food in his system. He either lost 30 pounds during these weeks, or hospital gowns and non-slip socks have become more slimming than I remember. I hope this will be the kick in the ass he needs to take better care of himself.

My most dear friend D had a brain MRI yesterday and is awaiting results. My hope is that the full brain radiation she had did it's job and her scan is clear. Or at least, there is no further growth of her brain mets. If so, it means she can go on another drug trial, that will hopefully be the one that saves her from this cancer.

I hope you are all well, and grateful for the state of good health you enjoy.

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