Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wicked Wednesday

I know what today is, and I know there will be MANY posts remembering what happened 12 years ago in the US. I remember where I was, how I felt and the actions I took to try to maintain a peaceful setting for the people around me. However, today is also Wednesday and I am choosing to focus on the fun in my life at the moment.
Wicked Wednesdays all began with this post.

This week's wickedness is not courtesy of drunken debauchery, but a close call bordering on cautionary tale. So I am on my period at the moment. No clue how long it will last. The last one went for 15 days and ended only 16 days before this one started. I have an appointment with my OB/Gyn this Friday to discuss how much this is cramping my style and what to do about it. I cannot enjoy my own climaxes with Corky at the moment, but there is no reason she should be on lock down. I think practice makes perfect and LOVE bringing her pleasure. After The Boys went to bed, we were in the kitchen and I really wanted her to climax. We were getting there, and I moved us to the garage futon. We managed to get to her climax pretty quickly which was a good thing. As she was coming down and still writhing in pleasure (possibly pulling an already strained butt muscle), the dogs caused a commotion rushing to the door separating the garage from the kitchen. I jumped up and over the back of the futon, leaving Corky in her partially dressed state, rushed to the door and almost knocked out The Youngest opening it. It surprised him & he asked what we were doing out there. I said looking for something and cleaning up (not entirely a lie ;-)). He was quickly followed by The Oldest - at about the time Corky emerged, blushing... I washed up a bit and asked them what exactly they were doing back downstairs, and I honestly don't have a clue what they said, or what our discussion was. I did manage to get them to go back to bed, and Corky and I just had a laugh and I told her that life with kids means carving out time whenever you can. She was relieved that The Boys didn't walk in on us (me too)!

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