Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

Another busy weekend has gone by, and just the words on a screen to mark the time.

Spent a bunch of time coming home from Michigan and writing. When I got home, I wept in Maria's arms. I missed her terribly, and really needed to have her hold me. I also really needed to see The Boys, and hug them and know that they were OK. The Oldest went to his first school dance, and The Youngest came to dinner with Maria and I. The Youngest admitted that he missed fencing class on Thursday because their father convinced him that he would have to work later that night if he dropped The Youngest at fencing & picked him up. My child was crying when he told me this, which means he was likely torn about the decision he made. He wants his dad to not have to work so hard, but he also wants to fence, enjoys it, and wants to honor that commitment. He's only 10, and placing that kind of burden on a kid isn't fair. We picked up The Oldest, and he didn't stop talking for a half hour about how much fun he had at the dance. He didn't even care that we went to dinner, that's how much fun it was. I'm glad he had a blast, and he said he'll never miss another dance. Good for him!

I slept in after waking up severely early a couple of times. Then I decided to steam clean my downstairs carpet, which reeks of dog pee. I know it does. It pisses me off. I can't stand it to the point of wanting to rip it out entirely, which I may do if my cleaning doesn't kill the smell. I used my mom's steam cleaner, the shampoo it calls for, and added cleaning strength vinegar and a few drops of lavender oil. It took my four hours. FOUR. HOURS. It is one room. The room is maybe 15 by 15 feet... FOUR HOURS. After that, I scarfed down a sandwich and took a nice hot shower. I got dressed, did some writing and some laundry and went to a friend's birthday party at a local pizza place. That was pretty fun. I got to visit with people and just chill. Maria and I spent the night at her house because...

Maria's BIRTHDAY!!! We started around midnight - celebrating in private ;-) The thing that made me feel bad was we woke up her roommate because we were especially loud in bed... I apologized later in the morning though. we had coffee and a bite to eat, showered and dressed and headed to the Pinball Museum. This was beyond cool, and fun and they have machines from the 1930's to today. It was interesting to see the evolution, and be able to play them all too! We had lunch nearby and played more pinball. Made a side trip to see the USS Hornet, grabbed some coffee and walked downtown where I grew up. Had a late dinner and came home. My carpet cleaning continued with carpet deodorizer - we'll see how effective that will be in the morning though.

All in all a fun weekend, and now I need to sleep before work beckons in the morning. I hope you all have a fabulous week!

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