Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap-up

Corky and I have been having still more fun. She spent a couple of nights at my house last week. Neither of us slept that much the first night because of late night in bed activities, and having to sleep on the uncomfortable futon. Also, the sides of the futon we slept on didn't really work for us. The second night, we switched sides, and were exhausted, and slept really much better. The in bed activities were planned, but not executed because I was so punchy when we went to bed and broke out in a complete giggle fit that lasted about 30 minutes, with her joining in. We just laughed so hard - me almost to the point of peeing... The risk associated with being of a certain age and having given birth to two HUGE babies. Not to be undone, we continued activities in the morning. :-D. She has changed my mind on so many things (none of which I am at liberty to discuss in a public forum...). Suffice it to say, I now enjoy my sex life more than ever.

Worked while Corky hung out for a bit at the house. Spent the afternoon working in the classroom and preparing for the annual Tie Dye extravaganza at school. Picked up The Boys from school and let them just relax while I napped for about an hour. Corky joined us after dinner and we all hung out. The boys argued with me about bed time because it was Friday, but I wanted to go to bed early too. I did, after giving them an extra 90 minutes and a warning about being ill behaved in the morning.

I slept until 10, which ended up being about 12 hours of sleep that I must have desperately needed. The Boys fought to the point of losing screen time for the day. The Oldest finished his homework, we talked about the incomplete work he turned in during the week and how that impacts his grades. We ate lunch and went to the pool. We all swam and goofed around until the water in my ears got to be too much and I couldn't hear and had a really bad attack of vertigo, with a headache. I got out to lay down and Corky stopped by after work. It's been about 100 degrees for a couple of days and it was nice to cool down a bit. Came home and I balanced my finances, which always bums me out. After a summer that included three trips for me, I have to stop doing anything for myself for a while, lest I go broke... We had dinner and played cards: fibber, 21 & no limit Texas holdem'. I gave The Boys no bed time with the agreement that one whine, complaint, attitude or fight tomorrow will result in them losing 30 minutes from their bedtime permanently. We'll see how that goes. If they can maintain a civil discourse for the day, I give them 30 minutes added to their bed time permanently. They chose to go to bed at 9, at which point I fell asleep on the couch with the dogs. I woke up at 11:20 and hauled myself to bed. By then it had cooled off to a reasonable 75.

Woke up a little earlier, to a call from animal control for a noise complaint from Labor Day. I'd been home most of the day, and locked the dogs inside when I went to dinner, but 2 people assertion that the dogs were on the patio barking. Not sure how that could be though. I think my neighbor (the bully) is trying to get me to move, and has his friends call in when he knows I'm not home. Ass hat. I may have to go back to having The Oldest practice his instruments on the patio. Crap start to my day, though the officer is pretty cool. Going to research bark collars now. Because the heat continued, I let The Boys pick our activity today within financial reason. They settled on The Jungle, though I was pushing for an outdoor free activity that would include the dogs. While there, I realized how grateful I am that they are no longer toddlers, and that whistles make a seriously annoying party favor for a 4 year old's birthday party. This was evidenced by my twitching for the first 30 minutes while that party wound down with the whistles, building to full blown tantrums before leaving. The boys sweat it out climbing all over and played a bunch of video games. We had water, but I couldn't do a full blown eating spree. Came home, made pizza and guacamole and Corky came by. I'd missed her all day and was so glad to see her. She sat in on our poker game, and we had another giggle fit started by her pouring ice water down my top, and my smacking her butt, which caused her such surprise that she may have pulled a muscle, which caused us to laugh even harder, and when I tried to stop, I swallowed, but she said I looked like a chicken - cue another giggle fit. I played the below video - cue another giggle fit.

The Youngest jumped out from around a corner, making all three of us scream - cue another giggle fit. We were laughing to the point of my snorting and both of us sounding like Muttley (of Snidely & Muttley). I pointed that out - cue another giggle fit.

I said I'd have to call her Old MacDonald because of all the farm animal noises I was making - cue another giggle fit. Really glad I didn't pee myself, because we were seriously doubled over for a good 40 minutes, just laughing.

I hope you all have just as fun a week as mine has begun - to a great adventure!

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