Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

For a weekend without The Boys, this was a very busy weekend.

My second day in a row, with Corky at my house. I miss her when she isn't here, and I felt spoiled by the breakfasts she made and getting to sleep with her. It was also the occasion of our being together for 9 months. I worked and she did a bunch of stuff, including picking up a weed eater for my new digs. It rained the day before, so we have to wait to use it. For dinner we tried a new local vegan restaurant. The food was pretty decent. I wasn't fond of the green beans, because they were not as done as I like, and too spicy for me. The brown rice was fine. The Chow Mein was really good, and not greasy. The won tons were nice and crispy, and the filling was fine. This place uses mostly meat replacers, and it was a ground meat texture and small enough amount in the won tons that I wasn't weirded out. Not so for the sweet & sour. It was tempeh sort of chunks, battered and fried and in a sweet & sour sauce. The sauce was fine, the batter also fine, but the chunks were too meat like. it totally grossed me out. It is a bit unfortunate that a vegan place has marginal vegetable only dishes, and the "good" ones are meat subs. Corky really liked the sweet & sour, and I suppose I'll try a different all veg choice next time. I always order dry fried string beans if they are on the menu because I have a dream that I will find the perfect ones I used to eat at a hole in the wall in Livermore. The family that owned it, sold it and now it isn't Szechuan anymore. Bums me out. I went at least once a week for lunch and they knew my order when I walked in and just brought it to me. I was addicted to those, and no others have come close. Sadly, I continue to search. In the ensuing almost 20 years, I have eaten at damned near every Szechuan place in a 50 mile radius, and still no comparison.

Corky worked and I hosted The Oldest for his homework that has been missing all week. The ex went to Great America with his GF, and The Youngest, and couldn't change his plans / didn't want to be inconvenienced, so I had The Oldest. He organized all of his work, and completed the assignments all within about 4 hours. I spent the time ensuring he'd completed what he said he was doing, and finishing up unpacking The Youngest's room. Picked up a couple of sweatpants after the ex picked up the Oldest. We are starting beach volleyball back up and I don't have anything even remotely work-out ish. Corky made dinner at her house, and I came home to sleep.

Corky worked and I was supposed to do a photo shoot. Got a text around 7am that one of the subjects was flaking out, making two of the others not want to do it either (this was supposed to be a family portrait of a friend, all her kids & grand kids who were only in town for the weekend). Bummer, but I started in immediately with organizing and unpacking The Oldest's room. I finally completed that herculean task around noon, took a shower and chilled until Corky got off work. We grocery shopped, came home and I started making dinner while she weed whacked in the yard. She got about a third of the weeds, but they were still a bit wet to be very effective. Dinner was large salads and MoJoPo's asparagus and tomato tart. Find it at the link. The Boys made it home in time for Corky to see them before showers, chilling and bed. I feel like I actually accomplished quite a bit this weekend, and feel pretty good about myself right now. Looking forward to sleep.

I hope you all have an adventurous week!

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