Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up - lots of lasts.

So this weekend is the final weekend before school ends, and there were some final things going on.

Took a day off of work to go on The Youngest's final field trip of elementary school. We rode the ferry and went to the Exploratorium. It was a blast, but too big to get through in the time we had. Corky came with us, and we all had fun (with only 15 kids and 8 adults). That night was the middle school Spring concert, where The Oldest played 3 different instruments, and nearly took out half a dozen other students when he had to schlep the stand up bass halfway across the gym. He ran into one kid, knocked a music stand into a second, knocked a second stand into 3 choir people, and almost decked the new drum major with the head when he lifted it over the band on the way back. However, they sounded awesome. So glad The Boys are into music as much as they are and can't wait to see how The Youngest progresses next year.

Attended the thank-you lunch put on by the school district for volunteers, and was able to visit with a few people I hadn't in a while. We are usually in meetings, and not visiting, so this was a nice change. Afterward, I organized and handed out the art portfolios to the 4th and 5th graders I taught this year. That was the final volunteer shift at the elementary school where I have been teaching art for 7 years. Took a break to work some more, and headed to the high school to help decorate for the 8th grade dance occurring on Saturday.

Slept in as long as the cat would allow, so 7:00. Sat in my pjs drinking coffee and writing my grocery list, when what should appear on my facebook feed but a photo from a friend who was hosting a garage sale in the morning. This photo got me up, dressed, teeth brushed and out the door in less than 10 minutes. The object of my desire was her cleaning out her yarn stash - two entire boxes. I filled a huge bag with a TON of really awesome yarns, that I am going to use to knit socks, hats, gloves, scarves, maybe a sweater... Got home, showered and tried to go to the store. Was interrupted by the ex bringing his gf's old trampoline over and setting it up for The Boys. Finally got to the first store, shopped, came home and unloaded the groceries, then headed to store #2. While there, got a call from mom saying she and dad were stopping by to drop off some lattice for my (non-existent) garden. rushed home, and folded laundry while waiting. Corky texted with an offer to go to Urban Ore. Got the folks out, and headed to Berkeley with Corky and her roommate. Found an end table for the house that needs to be refinished, so I have a project. Stopped for dinner, then home and chaperoning the 8th grade dance. Stayed to clean up and had a salad late night, when I did get home. Fell into bed well after midnight, and slept like the dead, not even moving once.

Was awoken by the phone at 8:30. The Oldest was on the other end of the line, and this was the conversation (remember, I was asleep):
Him: Are you coming to the "thing" today?
Me: The thing? what thing?
Him: They are lining up right now!
Me: What? What is lining up? What thing?
Him: Swim team pictures!
Me: Oh shit! I guess if they are lining up now, then no.
Him: Oh, they are only lining up for individual photos, so there's still time.
Me: OK, I'll be there shortly.

I was there 24 minutes later, and it is a 20 minute drive. So, another morning out of the house sans shower. I got photos of the little kids I was missing, visited with a friend from High School with kids now on the team.Stayed for time trials of freestyle for The Boys - they did good, less than a second off their best times from last year! Did I mention that it was 100 degrees, and I hadn't showered? ew. Went to visit Corky at work at her lunch break so that we could spend some time together. Finished my grocery shopping and holed up in my too warm house while avoiding the sun surface like temperatures outdoors. Got the swim team pics uploaded, showered, and worked on the wedding book. Weirdly, also witnessed what I think was the puppy having a seizure. This has happened twice before, and it scares the crap out of him. Haven't ever seen the onset, so it's difficult to determine if it is a seizure, or waking from a nightmare, but I sat on the floor and held and pet him until he recovered and his heart rate slowed and he was able to get up and walk around. Corky came by after work and we hung around in the heat, trying to figure out what to eat for dinner that did not involve any sort of heat source. We settled on sandwiches, and the boys arrived early. Couldn't go to bed until it was cooler - 10 for us all.

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