Friday, June 13, 2014

This is a difficult time for me

Transitions are tough for everyone, and this week marks a personal transition for me. As of this week, I will no longer have any children in elementary school. Today was the final day, which was spent at a local park, the kids playing and me reflecting upon the seven years I have spent at that school. Seven years of teaching art and cooking to Kindy through 5th graders. Seven years of changing the marquee out front. Seven years of being at the school almost every day, getting to know all of the teachers, staff and most of the kids. It has been a wonderful seven years, made better by the friends I met while there, and the experiences The Boys have had. Approximately 70 field trips as a driver of small children. Being the emergency contact for half a dozen kids, and knowing my friends trust me to care for their children when they are not able to do so. Seven years, during which I was both at my lowest point emotionally and psychologically, and now at my happiest. I am nothing if not resourceful, and have managed to not just survive, but thrive in the face of adversity.

And thus begins a new chapter for me - Off to the greater responsibilities of teenaged sons. Onward to acne and driver's liscenses, and first love and heartbreak. Through it all I will remain the steady force in The Boys lives. I am grateful for the time to grow into myself that these years have allowed, the friendships made and the sense of family I have in my city now. I know this is my space, this is who I am and where I belong. I am of this place. I have found a love, and cemented myself through the school community to here. I still have wanderlust, the desire to travel is high as school lets out for summer, but I know this is now where I come when I come home. I still miss parts of my past homes, but I move forward with the understanding that home is far more than a single building.

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