Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

More transitions for me. I've decided to let my hair grow out, and not dye it this summer. I have been dyeing my hair for 17 years. I had said repeatedly that I would continue to do so until my kids were out of elementary school, and now that milestone has transpired, I thought I'd see what my hair actually looks like. So far, there is quite a bit of grey (no surprise). Of course Corky says she will love me regardless of hair color, as long as I keep a longer style (which she finds sexy ;-)).

I have had a cold for over a week now, and pink eye developed before the weekend. On meds, and my eye is still pink. Found out that this is not the pink eye of my youth, that would clear up after 24 hours on eye drops, and cease to be contagious. No, THIS is the resistant new strain - today's pink eye that hangs on for the full 5 days of treatment, remaining contagious throughout. delightful. Switching towels and pillow covers everyday and doing more laundry in the middle of a drought. superb.

I was able to get in grocery shopping, laundry, and a swim meet this weekend. Also, FINALLY finished the wedding book and sent the draft for approval before publishing. Stayed on top of the swim team photos from the meet. This is another summer during which I am team photographer, which is cool. I'd take the pics anyway :-).

The Boys were with the ex all weekend, and Corky had to work. I finished knitting the first sock, which is too big, but was a learning experience. Now figuring out what pattern sock next. The constant knitting was boring me after a while. I also have orders in for more fingerless gloves for Corky, The Boys and one of their friends, and another beanie for Corky. I decided to knit socks for myself first though if I can decide what to do. I may knit something else on the list while making that decision. At some point, I suppose I'll tackle a sweater, but I'm not quite there yet.

My pink eye was mostly gone by Sunday night, along with the last symptoms of the cold - yay! Of course, I then had to test my renewed health with Corky, which made my throat sore (screaming and yelling while climaxing does that I guess). So early to bed with a healthy dose of robitussin and another drop of meds to the eye, and I can't wait to see what Monday brings.

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