Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

A four day weekend for me, and I know Monday morning will come with groans and grousing.

Out of the house early to the annual program camp out with The Youngest. It was bittersweet as it was the final camp out for me, and The Oldest chose to stay behind. Corky came too and she enjoyed it. This is the easiest camp out for me as the kids do everything. I miss the person who started the program - this is the first year she did not attend, and I know that next year there will be some whipping people into shape. She admonishes the parents who so much as lift a finger to help. There was a redwood hike or two and the kids put up camp - tents and sleeping arrangements, and made dinner. We had a campfire and s'mores and singing, and it was COLD overnight. I'd brought last year's air mattress, which was too small for Corky and I, so we placed it across for our heads, and it felt like sleeping on a staircase. Needless to say, very little sleep was had between the arrangement of air matress and cold, and then there was the giggling, and snoring and gaseous outbursts.

Up far too early in search of caffeine. Many cups of coffee later, functioning at near capacity, and we had breakfast, packed everything up and headed to the beach for a marsh hike and beach fun. It was foggy and chilly, but relaxing. Didn't sleep, but should have. Corky slept. Stopped at the goat farm and the bakery, and headed home. Picked up The Oldest, had dinner, showers and bed.

Unpacked and laundry, and picked up the dogs while The Boys had a friend over. The Youngest played, but The Oldest had his head in his phone all day. Gave the dogs showers, which they desperately needed. Corky worked opening, and joined us for my Sister's birthday dinner, where there was laughter and tears. I love my Sister and I hope there are many more happy birthdays. Corky was able to spend the night.

Slept in, and made french toast out of the cinnamon bread from the bakery (yummy). Picked up a new and correctly sized sleeping bag, along with new work shoes for Corky. Got The Oldest to finish his homework and The Boys went to a preview of a new movie. The liked it, and recommend I see it, when it comes out. I did some grocery shopping and read.

Also, found this song again, tearfully watched it, as I almost always do:

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