Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tuesday Morning Holiday Weekend Wrap Up - Now on Wednesday!

In the U.S., this was Memorial Day weekend, when we remember the people who died serving in the military. Most Americans have the day off of work, and parades and ceremonies are held. My three day weekend was spent without my kids, and quietly.

After work Corky, her roommate and I headed to see Corky's grand nephew. He is adorable and perfect, and his mom is doing a great job. We had dinner on the way home, and spent the night apart, after two nights together.

Corky came over and made me breakfast before work. We walked for a while and she went to work. I power washed the back of the house, patio and cover, and relaxed a bit before attending a friend's birthday party. Met another two babies there, and Corky joined us after work. I also started placing 1 gallon buckets in the shower to catch the water while it becomes warm. 1.5 gallons each shower - and then I used that to water the tree in front. I think I can use it to water a garden (between me and The Boys).

Slept in and spent some quiet time just reading and drinking my coffee. Tried to decide between unpacking more stuff and gardening. I am going to plant oleander in the side yard (outside the fence) and iceplant as a ground cover. Hopefully this will cut down on the foxtails and burrs growing there now. I also needed to grocery shop (a chore I strongly dislike). Instead of doing any of that, I nearly completed the Wedding album I'd placed on hold during the move. Just adding the final quotes before sending the proof to the couple. After Corky got off work, we had dinner and grocery shopped. We also realized that this marked 10 months of us being a couple. Pretty cool, and we chose a private celebration before bed. She went home and I didn't want to sleep - I missed her too much. So, I stayed up until 4AM...

Slept about an hour and a half before hearing garbage trucks rolling down the street. I rushed out to get my cans to the curb, and ended up missing two of the trucks. Went back to bed for another couple of hours and spent the day mostly in a vegetative state, reading and hanging about. Missing Corky and The Boys. Went to Corky's for dinner and fell asleep, head on her lap. Came home and went to bed early.

Woke up exhausted and miserable. Much like my children, it takes two days for severe lack of sleep to catch up to me...

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