Thursday, May 15, 2014

That was a weird and haunting dream

I dream - I'm sure I dream often, but I do not remember most of my dreams upon waking. This morning was the exception. Because it has stayed with me for hours now, I obviously just need to get it out of my brain.

I (and many others) were in a Chinese prison camp of sorts - that is at least the closest I can come to a general description. It looked mostly like a combo of the inside of Urban Ore in Berkeley, the old Wolf Books in San Leandro, and the room of requirement from Harry Potter. So basically junk everywhere. dusty, not well lit, beams of light through dust in sparse shafts, not really illuminating the ground. Your eyes adjust however. We were dressed in prison drab grey/blue, collarless button up shirts, and pajama type pants. There had to be shoes, but no clue what they were like. We were dirty, dusty, grimy, sweaty and greasy. We were supposed to be digging through all of the junk and sorting it to be taken away. I was deep in the room? warehouse? with another person (think Nathan Fillion), and we were members of a resistance movement. We were looking through the junk for evidence of the propaganda being false information in order to topple the regime. I ended up finding a passport of one of the regime, but it was a US passport, claiming the regime leader was indeed a US citizen, not a Chinese National as he claimed. The passport was inside the back of an antique camera. Once I found it, there was a raid, and I was unable to get back to my resistance cohort, as we ran in different directions. I dodged into an alcove to discover a stairway going up, but it was carved into a stone wall and more of a ladder, steep with notches in the stone every 3 feet. Would have been easy to miss, but I started up as fast as I could, with regime guards on my heels. I was not high enough (around a bend in the stone) to be unseen when the guard started into the alcove, and another prisoner caught his attention, speaking in rapid Chinese, allowing me the additional time to get out of sight. I remember thinking I should know Chinese by now.

In the clear light and heat of the day, I now realize how much this dream resembles a potential scene in Firefly... I don't think it is an actual scene, but it was weirdly haunting as I woke from the dream twice before it had ended, and still vividly remember it this afternoon.

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