Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

Another insanely busy weekend, but I did also get a bit of down time, so that's good, right?

Went for a morning walk with bff and checked out a home for sale across the street from her and Corky. Ran into an old friend of the exes dad, who has the listing. He's a really nice guy and it was nice running into him after all these years. Bought a used gas powered lawn mower and drove with Corky and bff to pick it up. Picked up The Boys at school, and was asked a bunch of questions about PFC (of which I am a Co-President). Let The Boys take the afternoon / evening off from homework and went to a PFC budget meeting during dinner time while The Boys had leftovers. Started laundry and read until bed time.

Spent the first 4 hours of the day doing yard work. Mixed and sprayed some weed killer in the front, and weed whacked the back. Wanted to use the mower, but the weeds were over a foot high, and thick. I did find a 2 foot square patch of soft grass amidst the dead weeds. I also really jacked up my back. I drank about a gallon of water and took some anti-inflammatory medication. Corky came by after work, and made me a lunch while I showered. I gave The Boys a choice of doing homework or helping in the yard and they picked homework, which was nearly complete. Corky left to shower and change, and we all had dinner together, followed by frozen yogurt. We also went to the aquarium supply and picked up more fish for The Oldest's 10 gallon fresh water tank. Corky asked if we could have a nice big aquarium when we buy a house, and I said, of course.

More laundry and had The Boys finish homework and do their chores. I balanced my checking account and went to a friend's for a demo of her arbonne sales pitch. Ended up with some samples, and I'll see if I can maintain a 7 step regimen (when my current is only 2 steps)... Went grocery shopping and made dinner for the 4 of us. Everyone enjoyed the food, so that makes me happy. My shoulder has a HUGE knot from the weed whacking, and there is a weird bruise on my foot from a flying rock, but otherwise I am unscathed. Early to bed to rest up for the week.

I hope you all have an enjoyable week!

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