Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's about Love

I watched this last night, and my first thought was that I really haven't given Olbermann a fair shake. I don't watch his show, and the only exposure I'd had was clips on The Soup, so I wasn't rushing to watch. Now I'll be setting my TiVo for 2 hours each night to catch both Keith and Rachel Maddow (who I do watch).

Thank-you Keith Olbermann for voicing what we already knew - this is about Love. Even though this was masked under lots of other things like religion and lies, you get it and I hope others who watch the clip will too.

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crustybastard said...

Rachel Maddow's nickname is "Daddy." Here's why:

Bea from Another KC Blog always "shushes" everyone while Ms Maddow's show is on. (He loves her so very, very much that he hangs on her every word.)

His polite efforts were of little avail on election night, so I helpfully bellowed, "EVERYBODY SHUT UP! DADDY'S TALKING."

Bea plotzed, and the nickname stuck.

So y'know...I'd appreciate your efforts to make this nic go coastal.