Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Too much fun

You can see from yesterday's post, that I'm having WAY too much fun with the Elf Yourself project. They make me laugh so flippin' hard! I'm in the mood for Christmas, even though we aren't yet to Thanksgiving. The rule in my house is no carols or decor until after Thanksgiving, and I'm just jonesing for it! Thanksgiving this year is at my sister's in-laws, which is pretty cool. I've known them since High School, and used to roadie and mix sound for the various bands that make up the family. I haven't been to a holiday with them yet, but with 4 boys in the family, there is always a good story.

Speaking of, a while back, I started writing a book of stories that came from families of 4 boys. Why? Because I grew up next door to a family of 4 boys, my sister and I both married guys who have 3 brothers, and each have 2 boys. Sis watched my 2 boys far a while when they were small, and I know quite a few people who either are one of 4 boys, or have 4 boys. There seems to be a specific dynamic to 4 boy families that brings out all of the best and craziest qualities. I think I need to dust it off and work on it some more. Also, I have to get waivers signed, or change the names to protect the guilty.

I think I'll post some of the stories as we go along.

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