Friday, January 23, 2009

Am I the only one?

Who sees a resemblance between the former VP:

And the evil villain from Raiders of the Lost Ark:

I know The Daily Show has been running with a Blofeldian resemblance, but I think the hat is what sent me in this direction. I have yet to be able to find the image I really wanted to post for Cheney, but I'll update it when I do. Images above courtesy of Reuters and Rotten Tomato. And now I am putting this behind me, and moving on.


tangobaby said...

You know, we were so taken with the Dr. Strangelove similarity THAT I DID NOT NOTICE the other connection. Being that ROTLA was like my all-time favorite movie when I was in 10th grade, I'm pretty surprised that it never occurred to me.

But a Nazi, yes, how perfect. I wanted him to fall out of his wheelchair but that would have been too wonderful.

J9 said...

I did like the original reference that him being in the wheelchair reflected his low approval rating, and he only hurt his back because he was moving the man-sized safe.

Ed said...

LOL!!!I never thought of that before.

J9 said...

That was absolutely my first thought!