Saturday, January 3, 2009

Was listening to Coast to Coast on the First, when there are predictions for the new year, and this quote struck me as just what we need to do: "A return to Yankee frugality. 'Use it up, wear it out, make it do, do without.'" So I did what anyone would and Googled it. I found this page and I think it's AWESOME!

I also found a similar reference here with the image below:

It must be time to pay attention. The economy is a disaster, and I'm looking for a job. To cheer me up, I turned to food as I always do, but this time I wasn't eating a bag of chips, or a pint of ice cream.

I hauled out my slow cooker and looked for a recipe for Roasted Corn Chowder. I love the Whole Foods version, but not the price. I found one to try here, and I bookmarked the site to go back to for more. In researching the recipes, I found some good ones on the Whole Foods site, but alas, not my favorite soups that they sell :-( and only one for the cooker, but it isn't even remotely vegetarian.

The boys went to see Bedtime Stories today while I cleaned the house. Whee for me. I can't complain, because I can only clean the house when I am totally alone, and have the music loud. I got almost everything done before the boys got back too! Tonight, we are going back to the pot luck, and invited some friends over for spaghetti - Ron is trying Aida's recipe for the sauce and it smells wonderful cooking away!

There was a time, when the economy was good, and we all had well paying jobs that we would actually go out to eat. At nice restaurants. Most of those high end places are still in business, but the middle of the road ones (in both price and quality) are long gone. Now if we do go out, it is almost always a family friendly place with the kids (Think IHOP and Hooters). I'd much rather go to a non-franchised place, but the cost of a possibly bad meal is a bit prohibitive. Maybe I can schedule a date and get a Grandmother to watch the kids.

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