Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Man am I beat!

Another day, another 14 hours of work! At least tonight is the last of the training for a while - and tonight? Pole climbing! I'm taking the camera and going to shoot from the top of the pole (if I make it all the way up).

Last night, on my way home I thought saw a bunch of hooligans putting masking tape on a neighbors car. I was wrong, it was Post it notes! Hysterically funny, and I'll have the pics in my Friday post.

The oldest decided to try out for the school talent show by singing the ABC's in a very low voice, so that it sounds like he's burping. The coordinator told him to find something "better". I'm sure she meant more appropriate, as we have been telling him. The kid knows so many songs, we keep telling him to just pick one! Last year he did a Tae Kwon Do demonstration and broke boards. After that, the kids who had been bullying him left him alone.

Because I was at training, Ron had the pleasure of witnessing all of the stage moms at school. He couldn't believe it. I just shrugged. I know them, and I've been there. As a result, I get the rest of the rehearsals.


Coachdad said...

Great way for your son to get rid of the bullies. Too funny!

J9 said...

It worked too, now all the kids and most of the parents know him, and no one picks on him anymore!