Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random Thoughts

Today I was tagged in Facebook by a fried with 25 random things about her, that I was also to do about me. This is what I listed:
1. I used to hate my curly hair and freckles
2. I was once president of a fan club
3. I adore my boys
4. I think people are funny and strange
5. I own a small business
6. I have attended aTV show convention
7. I eat my jelly beans by color
8. I miss my friends
9. I love the smell of the ocean
10. My youngest child weighed 13 pounds at birth
11. I love everything about going to baseball games
12. I do not like snow or cold
13. I can photoshop 40 pounds off of you
14. I wear my heart on my sleeve - always have, and probably always will
15. I was once employed as a bartender
16. I know where the tunnels are in Pleasanton
17. I don't like to be tickled
18. I can play guitar - but just a little bit
19. I am a cautious driver
20. I am certified to climb telephone poles
21. I would move to Key West, if I could
22. I want to really learn to surf
23. Horses make me nervous
24. I find comfort in petting my cat
25. I try to live my life with very few regrets


Ed said...

Interesting, If I did that my brain would explode... :-)

J9 said...

Ed, I'm sure there are more than 25 you can think of!