Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thanks to my kids

I now have this song stuck in my head:

I suppose it could be worse - they've been on an AC/DC kick for a while and all I heard for a week solid was TNT. While I can appreciate the song, it somehow becomes a bit satanic when your 5 year old comes into the office singing "I'm a power load".

It's Saturday morning, and the 5 year old has a friend over, while the 8 year old is pouting that they won't play with him. It's the classic 3 child thing where one is always feeling left out. Right now they are in the back yard, the 8 year old is playing guitar and the 2 younger ones are running around with toy guns. At least they are all in the same area, and interacting. It looks like the oldest is trying to direct a play involving rock-n-roll and weapons. He is always trying to direct a play about something. Last night we had 2 girls over - friends of the 8 year old, and they all made up a musical. The only part I know is that there was a song about one girl being an angel, and the other being the devil. I guess it starts early!

Had dinner last night at Redcoats, it's a newish British Pub downtown. It was pretty packed, so that bodes well for the place. The food was a bit pricey for pub grub, but I got to have a well poured Boddingtons, so that makes up for it.

I joined Facebook this week after several invitations over the last month. Now I'm reconnecting with lots of people from high school, and I'm getting friend requests from people I seriously do not remember at all. I feel really bad for not remembering, but I have to figure out if these are work people, HS people, college people - I guess if I haven't seen someone for over 2 decades, I lose the picture of them in my mind.

If anyone knows how to set up Lego Star Wars 2 for DS in multiplayer, I'd be grateful for the info, I've tried it a bunch of times, and spent 30 minutes this morning surfing around for the answer, to no avail. Finally found the book for the game, and then the boys fought over where to go in the game...

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