Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Afternoon Weekend Wrap Up and Music Monday

First off, this song has been on my brain for about a week:

I'm sure it had to do with the MTSO theme for the week.

Before we get to the weekend, last week was eye-opening for me, and all about The Youngest, and his effect on the opposite gender. Tuesday I asked who he'd eaten lunch with (as I do every day on our way home):
J9: Who'd you eat lunch with, the usual? (this is a group of 4 boys in his class)
The Youngest: No
J9: Really, a different set of kids? New friends?
The Younges: No, just one person.
J9: Who?
The Youngest: Juliet (not her real name)
J9: Oh.
I didn't want to make a big deal of it, as I know they are friends, and I adore this little girl - she is very sweet and nice. And if I tease him, he'll just stop telling me stuff.
Cut to the next morning, when The Youngest is getting his jacket, and insists he wants to wear his Harley jacket (it's indeed a real Harley leather motorcycle jacket and started as a gift to The Oldest). OK, no biggie - I get it, but mention that it might be time to stop wearing it as it has become a bit small on him, though it would proabably be ok the rest of this winter. He says, "no Mom. I have to wear it, I like it." OK, again I'm not one to care as long as he wears something warm. He also donned an orange scarf and knit cap, and looked really cute. Off to school we go. Wehn we get there, he walks in to put away his backpack and jacket, and Juliet is a few kids behind him. She sees me, walks up and says, "I really like it when wears that jacket." A light goes on, and I get it.
Thursday, we were on a field trip and The Youngest gives me a look that would kill when he notices that I can see him running accross the field with Juliet. I pretended not to see them, and returned to my visit with the other moms.
The weekend was really nice.
Friday afternoon I worked in The Boys' classroom, and there were 2 third grader meltdowns. Yes, full blown meltdowns. Over art. I didn't get sucked into the drama, but my co-teacher did. Not even remotely surprising was that as soon as we just ignored it, they stopped. I needed my Friday Girls Night Happy Hour at Elephant Bar, where we stayed from the end of the first, through the beginning of the second happy hour of the night. I had to drink coffee to warm up, and had some good appetizers and desserts! It was nice to just unwind away from the family, and the computer. I laughed pretty hard quite a few times, and even had a guy wink at me at the bar - too funny as other women were flirting with him and he wasn't giving them the time of day ;-)
Saturday, The Dude slept in and took The Oldest to see The Princess and The Frog.

They both liked it alot and The Dude said it reminded him of an old time Disney movie. The youngest styed home and played wii Lego Star Wars while I cleaned house. It took 3 hours to clean, but it looked really nice at the end! I also managed to do most of the laundry. Saturday, we had some friends over for dinner. They have 2 daughters, 11 and 3 1/2, and they all play really well together, which is fun. Their youngest announced earlier in the week that she was going to marry The Youngest. Here we go again, is all I could think! They brought appetizers, one of which I am completely craving now. I have no clue where they got it, nor what the jar even looks like, and this is the nearest I can find on line:

I made rosemary braised pork loin, Aida's red potatoes, haricot vert, and rosemary portabellos. The Dude outdid himself in making a pineapple cheesecake (also one of Aida's), and we really enjoyed the time together.
Sunday, we picked up Oma (The Dude's mom) and drove out to meet a couple of The Dude's cousins, whom I'd never met due to some sort of feud in their family. They were really very nice and funny, but The Boys were bored to death. They were pretty well behaved, considering, and we didn't stay too long, also promising wii at home if they behaved - I'm not above a well timed bribe, they work. I finished laundry, and we had leftovers for dinner. The Oldest also finished Thank-you cards from his birthday, and we enjoyed AFV together before bed.

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Barry said...

The Harley jacket reminded me of the leather jacket I had as a boy and that was passed down to my younger brothers as we each out grew it. In the only photo of it still left it's being worn by my youngest brother Keith.

We all loved that jacket.