Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Today I really need to just rant

About this one b*tch.
I signed up The Oldest for the next Theater production, and today was the first rehearsal. Same schtick as always, line up to input contact info into laptop, and pay materials fee. Pick-up paperwork, and head on my way. When I got there, 3 people ahead of me in line - no sweat. By the time I was next in line (maybe only 5 minutes), there were others behind me in line. This b*tch walks right in front of me and starts talking to the director (who is a very mellow and cool guy), hands him her check, and just proceeds to cut in front of me!
Seriously - I have red f*cking hair and freckles, and am NOT invisible! AND it's not like there weren't people behind me in line. I was PISSED! But not wanting to make a scene (pun intended), I just raised my eyebrows, and as she proceeded to LAMELY attempt to input her data, the totally cool dierector turned to me and mouthed an "I'm sorry". I told him no problem, it will end up in my blog. She took something like FOREVER to enter literally 4 pieces of information while f*cking up the spreadsheet - idiot b*tch. So I get up there and have to FIX the b*tch's mistakes so that the rest of us can actually get our info there.
This is what I envision her to be (at least today):

And this was NOT the first run in with this particular beast. She seems to be a regular at this company, and if she pulls any more of her shit, I may have to move my kid to a different company. I mean seriously. During the last production, she made a remark about being with the company for 20 years, and wondering why the line to get into the production was so long and SHE had to wait in it. The first production, she was angry that she didn't get the seat she wanted. I don't want to pull my Theater cred out on her - mostly because I don't want to get sucked into working for free. But I swear, she'd better not rub me the wrong way on an off day for me. I'll get street on her ass!
This is how I felt:

OK. I feel better
Now that I think about it, sh probably lost her mother today, or just had a really crappy day, or got fired, or was arrested for running a meth lab or, or, or...
I need to have a more positive attitude about this woman, and her attitude - I could instead kill her with kindness.
Something Good - A.J. Newman

Wouldn't this old world be better
If the folks we meet would say:
"I know something good about you,"
and then treat us just that way?
Wouldn't life be lots more sunny
If we praise good we see;
For there's such a lot of goodness
In the worst of you and me
Wouldn't it be nice to practice
Just this way of thinking, too;
"You know something good about me
I know something good about You."

Now I have to find something good (sigh)

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