Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Morning Weekend Wrap Up and Tableau Tuesday

Friday was the usual. I worked in the Boys' classroom, and it was 2nd and 3rd graders working with clay. The Oldest had an appointment at an Orthopedic office for what turns out is indeed a broken toe, so I took him right before school let out, while The Dude picked up The Youngest. On the way home from the Dr., stopped at a couple of stores for groceries and ingredients to make a KILLER granola. My first mistake was going when I was hungry. My second mistake was taking The Oldest with me. We ended up with cheetos, root beer, brownies, corn chips, guacamole, and a rack of ribs for dinner that night. Admittedly, all of the junk food came from Whole Foods and was organic, but still... After dinner I made the killer granola which we are now eating for breakfast with plain yogurt (me), or milk (The Dude). After all of that, I needed a break while The Dude and Boys were watching Star Wars 6, so I scooted over to a friend's home for a vodka cranberry and a nice visit. I had no idea I was out as late as I was until I got in the car to come home and it was midnight!

The rain stopped for a brief time Saturday and Sunday. Long enough for me to get outside and soak up some sunshine. Saturday I attended my first college course in nearly 20 years. Color Field Photography looks like it will be fun and the most difficult part is the instructor's requirement for NO editing of images. While I know this will make me much more conscious of what I'm shooting, when I'm shooting it, I am finding it very difficult. I took a few shots after class and I'm unhappy with them all. I WANT to edit them, for lighting and color. In fact, I am putting them as a slide show below so you can see exactly how mediocre they are... I made a ton of croutons in the afternoon which saves me about $15. The Dude and I went to dinner with a couple that we went to High School with. I grew up next door to her, and haven't seen her since High School. It was nice to catch up with them and have a night out.

Sunday was spent cleaning and doing laundry while The Dude took The Boys to the movies. I also rearranged some of our furniture, and got caught up on my shows from the week. By the end of the day my sciatic was killing me, but I felt like I'd accomplished more than I'd planned.

Monday, The Boys had the day off of school, and I had to work while The Dude had a class from 9:00 - 1:20, and a Dr. appointment at 4:15. Woke up to NO COFFEE in the house. None. Nada. Well ok, a few beans which I managed to brew into a single cup. But still, most days include at least 2 cups, and sometimes three. I callled The Dude as he drove to school to complain as he is the coffee maker, and did not inform me of this. I admit it, I was a bitch on the phone and made him feel so bad that he was willing to turn around and get me coffee, and be late to class. I should have called a friend who nearly resides at Starbuck's for an SOS. Not a good start to a Monday, and then I found out that it was Blue Monday - the single most depressing day of the year. I couldn't get away from the phone for long enough for a shower even as the calls started coming in as soon as I was out of bed., and continued until I was on simultaneous conference calls. A playdate was planned at The Jungle, which is a huge warehouse with kid habitrails and an arcade. A bunch of The Boys' classmates and moms were there, and I took my laptop so that I could continue to work. Of course, that was after all of my calls, 3 of which overlapped... The Boys had fun, and got out some pent up energy, just in time for this week's onslaught of storms. I also went back to the grocery store after dinner because we are nearly out of granola. The Dude is eating it like he's a 70's commune dweller!

And now for the most mediocre set of images you've ever likely seen, all without benefit of a single edit at all:

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Patty said...

You just wear me out, gal. You stay more busy than I do. At least I don't have to keep up with children. However, our cats do demand a big chunk of our time.