Friday, January 1, 2010

My Town Shoot Out - Under Construction

Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone reading this post. Really, I mean it. I hope each and every one of you has a happy and healthy year ahead of you.

This week's shoot out theme is courtesy of Gordon of Florida Friday Shoot Outs, and my WHATZIT Buddy. "To kick off the new year our assignment is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. The first thing that comes to mind might be building sites of construction companies, or construction projects that we are involved in.

However, the possibilities are limitless. Maybe you would like to feature the construction of your new year's resolutions.
Another idea, to paraphrase a popular saying, " It takes a village (or town) to raise (or build) a child."
Maybe some of you, literally, have a new life under construction.
A recent thought, posted on my blog "Meandering Moments of My Mind" was, "Our best should, forever, be under construction and improving."
Perhaps, our artists and poets could share artwork or verse, not yet finished.
My Town Shoot-outs is ever evolving, so maybe personal thoughts about our progress could be featured.
I am always fascinated with the steps of "doctoring" a photo by some of our talented photographers. Maybe you could show us how the amazing final products are arrived at. Patty, I demand that you participate in that. Well, maybe, demand is a strong word. Please!!
I'm excited to see your takes and shots on the assignment.
One of the appealing things about our group is the diversity in evidence each week. I am honored to have chosen the first theme for the year. Do us proud as we welcome 2010. Happy New Year!
Thanks to all."
I encourage you to go and see everyone's contributions here or here.
My Town has construction going on around improvements to the High School. This is near my house and I see it almost every day. The progress has been great, though probably not as fast as some would like. All shots taken on 12/31 at around 3:00 in the afternoon.
The New Office - I like how the curve mirrors the hill in the background:

Reflection in glass ready to be windows:

The puddles were so still, that the reflections were clear:

This tree was great against the sky - even in reflection:

Cool Red Spools, and shadows:

One of the forklifts on site:

Hopefully the handicapped parking will be more convenient when they are finished:

One of the newer buildings completed:

The flag flying from the uppermost corner of the new building:

Happy Weekend and Happy New Year all!


Chef E said...

Nice ending, and always heard that skyscraper workers put up a tree when they finish a building...was glad to learn that, since I always wondered what those pine trees were up there!

Pauline said...

Your photos are terrific, turning a construction into a thing of beauty. Love the reflection and the forklift.

Barry said...

Oh I really enjoyed these J9. The reflection of the tree against the sky was very effective but my favorite was the bucket of the power shovel looking (in my imagination) like some primeval creature raising its head to roar against the sky.

Doreen said...

great shoot out!! love the reflections. you have many creative shots.

happy new year!!

GingerV said...

good to see you back, been missing you - I like the flag - yes you could also say the USA is under construction or REconstruction (I Hope!)
have a great day J9

Sarah said...

As Always you have an amazing eye!! So many pic there I just envy! Love the reflections and the sun peeking through the hole!! Wow girl!! Wonderful shootout!! Happy New year to you hon, Sarah

Patty said...

Very artsy post, J9. You went all out for this one.

Happy New Year to you, the dude, and the kids.

Kerry said...

Splendid pictures of equipment, reflections, sky and afternoon shadows. This high school has some interesting shapes going on (that first picture: so cool!)

Gordon said...

J9, you did yourself proud. Even with a construction theme, you found unique reflections. Thanks for your kind words.

NanU said...

Nice shootout, J9. I really like the reflections!
Have a happy year!

Sandra Leigh said...

J9, you have a very good eye. I particularly like the forklift with its tiny sun - and the tree against the sky.