Monday, December 28, 2009

End of the Holiday Weekend Wrap Up

The past week has been crazy busy, and full of eating. I'm still trying to load video to share, but I do have some images to put up.

Christmas was extended for 3 days this year - Christmas Eve was spent at The Dude's Aunt's house for an open house where I discovered Peppadew stuffed with a mix of cream cheese and creme fraise. Heaven in a bite, and like potato chips, I could not eat just one! We started a new tradition this year at the request of The Oldest, to open one present Christmas Eve, only I got to pick what present it was, and I borrowed my Sister-In-Law's idea to make it Christmas pajamas. The Youngest was pissed off because he was thinking it would be a toy, and kept asking if he'd be allowed to stay up late to play with it.
Christmas morning was thankfully a bit later this year (7:00) than last year (4:48). Both sets of In-Laws were over at 7:30 for bacon, cinnabon, and english muffins, oh, and gifts. The Boys had fun opening all of their gifts, and got a Wii from Oma and Opa. They've been playing and fighting about it since, and it was taken away all day yesterday after breakfast and an unfortunate choking incident. Today is a bit smoother, with only words exchanged. The oldest likes Rabid Rabbits, and The Youngest likes Lego Indiana Jones, and Star Wars, so that is what they argue about. I think I'll be adding a timer to what they play, and of course they will be really upset when school is back in session and they can't play during the week, because it goes with no screen time on school nights. The Oldest got his video camera from Santa and has taped at least 24 hours of mundane household things. The Youngest got the Lego Star Wars Battle of Endor set (890 pieces), which I finally finished helping him put together last night!
Christmas dinner was at my folks with sis and the nephews, and an aunt. My uncle has been in the hospital since early last week. He went in for some tests in preparation for a kidney transplant, but they found he had to have a triple by-pass. That happened on the 26th, and he's recovering well. That is the uncle who was a body builder in the 70's, lifted with Arnold, and fashions himself as Uncle Buck. We don't agree politically, but our conversations are always lively, and he always challenges me to have well thought out arguments, and all of my facts before we talk.
The 26th was dinner with The Dude's family, more nephews, and another great meal. We ended up playing Wii ski, and it was hysterically funny to play and to watch as the 3 bros hit the slopes! While the cousins were playing they would ski up to one another at the lifts and visit - as if they weren't standing next to each other the entire time - it had me laughing! That and one of the nephews was saying the others should slow down and look at the beautiful scenery!
Yesterday I took The Boys to Toys R Us to use their Christmas money and we ended up with a couple of Wii games, another Nerf Gun, that is insanely huge and automatic, and I bought myself Brain Age for DS. We also picked up batteries for the Nerf gun and a Slot Car track which is now on the floor of their room. Oh, and I have an eye twitch from too much screen time. And I'm sore from Wii boxing, skiing and Rabid Rabbit dancing.
Here is a slide show which includes the result of adding room temperature water to a 400 degree pyrex dish.

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iasa said...

I love our Wii. I'm not glad your boys are choking each other, but it makes me feel a little better that mine are not the only ones doing that.

Hope you have a great new year!

Chef E said...

I remember those days, "Mom he's looking at meeeee"!

Will always want to remember, painful or not!

Great looking family, the husband's look could kill, LOL! I bet he is a pussy cat...