Monday, December 14, 2009

Laugh of today and maybe a bit of weekend wrap up

Today's laugh is courtesy of This is Why Your Hold Time is So Long. Some of my favorites are lambasted, but I get the point, and my favorite paragraph/rant on a Christmas song, "Yes, they know its Christmas. You can’t avoid it. Agnostic Eskimo tribes living on Pluto who’ve only seen Earth in a telescope know it’s Christmas, and even they think it’s stupid that you put the Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving, or as they call it, SpardleFeast."

The weekend raced by yet again with working in The Boy's classroom, mid-day Dentist appointments and watching a play on Friday Afternoon.

Saturday was start of laundry, grocery shopping, picking up my Nephews, bringing all four boys to my folks for their Christmas Party with friends, and driving around to look at Christmas lights, which was really fun.
Sunday was finishing laundry and doing nearly ALL of my Christmas shopping. I woke up this morning feeling like I'd been hit by a truck! I actually did about 30 more minutes today of shopping, but part of that was for the tour shirts (more to come).
I only really have The Dude and a few relations to shop for. I also have 150 Christmas cards to address and mail. GAH! Oh, and I need to get all four of us together on a day that isn't POURING and take a family portrait. To do that, I have to also pick out what everyone will wear. Last year's was ok, but I looked like a Polar Bear with red on top. I made a batch of Hot Cocoa Mix, and still need to make my Irish Cream and Fudge... At least I have all of the containers for all of the goodies. OK, off to print mailing labels for the cards so I can address them tomorrow while in a live training class - wheee!
Since I'm taking the final 2 weeks off of work, I also have a BUTTLOAD of things to get caught up on before Friday, which explains why I am still sitting at a computer this late at night, having just completed something I'd scheduled for noon today.  :-P

And now for a new classic on my Christmas show list:

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