Thursday, December 10, 2009

More slice of life with boys

So, this weekend brought more boy drama that really makes me just sigh and kind of laugh (now that it's Thursday).
We bought an iPod nano for The Oldest as a Birthday present (although the shuffle is still missing - hello Carol, could you help me out here?)

The thing is, it has video capability, which he really loves, but makes Christmas tough for me because he'd already asked Santa for an actual video camera. So he had it for less than 8 hours and wanted to show me a video he'd taken. When he started the video though, he covered the screen and said he didn't want me to see that part. I asked why and The Youngest volunteered that it was video of his penis. Yes, you read that right. The Oldest video taped The Youngest's penis. great. I took the ipod, handed it to their father (The Dude), and told him to explain to The Boys why this was inappropriate. Instead, he grounded them to seperate rooms and was so angry he couldn't talk to them all day. After about an hour, I talked to them seperately and together, and had to ask what they were thinking. The already know it is not ok to ask to see anyone's private area, or show anyone their own. Yet, somehow doing both and taping it slipped through that filter. So now that's cleared up, and the ipod is taken away, has been wiped clean, reset to factory settings, and I removed the video camera option from the menu. And now I'm considering talking to Santa about allowing the video camera at Christmas.
Also this weekend? The Youngest called The Oldest "Fucker" and got a bar of soap in his mouth for 30 seconds. While that was a great deterent for The Oldest a while ago, I'm not sure that will work for The Youungest, but we'll see.

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