Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Evening Weekend Wrap Up

Last week sucked. This week brings more preparations for Halloween Fun Night. This year I will forego trying to burn down the house, unlike Last Year. And because I'm using power tools, I will also not have any injuries!
Friday, The Boys were invited to a Birthday Party Sleep Over at a classmate's house. They've never gone there for playdates, and the classmate has never come over here either, so I said no. I want to have at least been to the house before I say yes. They were really angry at me, but I don't like sending my kids anywhere I haven't been. Plus, The Youngest had an early Saturday game.
Saturday was freezing foggy early soccer game. My folks were there to watch, and The Oldest complained alot. The Youngest scored a goal, so he was happy. Immediately following the game, we checked prices on supplies at the Restaurant Supply Store, and tried to drop off 4 CPR dummies for use in the Haunted House. MDH ran errands, and while he had a break, I ran mine including buying myself a new pair of running shoes (which I actually use for walking). Came home and started building trees for the decor. I'll get pictures up when I'm closer to getting something that actually looks like a tree... There are 4 semi-built trees in the garage, that can be taken apart and flattened out for storage. I need to bring home paint to finish them. I also have to measure the tables so that I can buy table cloths. There are clouds and bats, a diner and city limit sign still needing to be done, but I can knock those out fairly quickly. The trees are going to take the longest. I also did laundry, and we ordered pizza because we were too tired to cook.
Sunday MDH had an early soccer game, and I did more laundry, switched us all to flannel sheets in anticipation of more cold weather, thought about working on the trees some more, and decided to use the roto-zip for pumpkin carving this year, which will hopefully save my aching hands. I tend to go a bit overboard in the carving department, choosing VERY detailed carvings, that I then spend the entire 2 days before Halloween carving, leaving me slimy, sticky and my hands curled in claws of pain. We attended a celebration for a friend receiving his black belt in Karate. That was nice - we haven't seen these friends since summer and we've been friends since High School. In fact, she introduced MDH and I to each other. Stopped at my folks to drop off some clothes that don't fit my size or style, and came home to play in the backyard with The Boys before dinner. MDH also had an evening soccer game, and as I type - all three are watching Arly Army talk about ammunition. Also today had a "A Christmas Story" moment when The Oldest used the F-word. Because we have Bertie Bots Every Flavor Bean, and have eaten all of the not disgusting flavors, I made him eat a soap flavored bean. He picked Sardine by mistake and spent the next 45 minutes crying and gagging before we made a deal that he could hold a bar of soap in his mouth instead. He chose that. Ewww. And in case you have no idea what this is or has to do with 'A Christmas Story", I found the clip:

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Kathryn said...

Been there...done the t-shirt.

They'll watch their mouths after the soap!