Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Evening Weekend Wrap Up

Another busy weekend, and another not burning down the house weekend too!
Friday, The Boys had the day off of school, making it difficult for me to get work done, but I did manage to get caught up on my work e-mails - from a high of 383 on Wednesday, after a 4 hour e-mail outage, to 22 by Friday afternoon. Of course, because this weekend holds a major software release, I was getting updates all weekend, and had over 40 tonight when I checked. MDH took The Boys to the movies on Friday afternoon, giving me a couple of hours to clean the house, after which I felt much better. It's weird how my personal mood is elevated when in a clean house! Even if performing the cleaning puts my back out for a couple of days!
Saturday MDH had to work, so I took The Boys to soccer, where The Youngest scored 3 goals and stopped the same during his game! He was so happy! We got home and I finished up the laundry, packed up the boys, got myself cleaned up and dressed up for a night out. We stopped to visit with my in laws and Granny before dropping the boys at my folks for a sleep over. I returned home, dropped a dinner off for a grieving family, picked up MDH and we headed into San Francisco for dinner with friends. We had a lovely meal with much laughter and great conversation at The Stinking Rose. If you are ever in the city and want a great meal - go there! MDH and I have been a few times, and are always eager to return. Following dinner we headed to Carnelian Room for drinks and the best view of the city. Last night was so clear, you could see Marin, San Quentin, Oakland, and the entire Bay. While it was beautiful, I was hoping for the fog to roll in, because then you get such a surreal view! Then I found out that they are closing on 1/1/2010, so I HAVE to get back before then!
This morning MDH played soccer, and wrecked his knees. I went to pick up The Boys, and they were just heading out for a walk with my Mom.  I joined them, and I LOVE the creek behind their house. I grew up in that creek, skipping rocks, chasing frogs, swinging from a rope, and generally being a ragamuffin every summer and school break. Today's walk with The Boys brought that back. We also met the woman who for the past 12 years has been catching the feral cats, having them spayed and neutered, and releasing them. She feeds the small feral colony, along with some house cats who show up occasionally. She was very nice and passionate about her cats. I brought the boys home and started working on props for Halloween Fun Night at The Boys' school. I finished the haunted trees, a couple of signs, and a fortune teller box (like in the movie "Big"). I still have the moon, with clouds, a witch and bats, some crow silhouettes, and another sign. Those should all be done and ready by Tuesday, so I'm feeling rather prepared this year! (Knock on wood)


Ann said...

How often do you go to San F's? Did I tell you I left my heart there in 1977, the crabs at the Finshermen's wharf clawed my heart out. LOL

Shall love to be back again.

Cynthia L. H. said...

What a busy weekend!!!
I left my heart in San Francisco, too!!!
I grew up in Reno, so we used to drive down when I was in my late teens and do all the fun stuff...ride the trolleys, walk over the Golden Gate bridge, shop at the Pier, shop in China Town, eat on the wharf...I remember when Alioto's had the best clam chowder ever!
Glad you had a good time!