Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So Shines A Good Deed In A Weary World

So today my mood has been bolstered by a few good deeds. Some dear friends have offered their timeshare for a family vacation which we desperately need, and today I received a much needed validation from my boss at work that I am doing my job well. At this point I'm just barely holding it together, and every time someone says or does something nice, I nearly burst into tears. It's been a rough time for a while, and some days it seems overwhelming. Other days it seems like just so much background noise. And still other days I weep just thinking about how lucky I am to be surrounded by love and support, and how wonderful The Boys are, how smart and funny and handsome they are, and all around great kids. They are really sweet and beautiful souls, and I can only try to make sure that any actions I take, or words I say will lead them to the future they are supposed to live, a happy and healthy life full of love. I know it is likely that at some point they will need therapy, and I'm ok with that, as long as it helps them work through any difficulties. I know I need therapy on occassion, and because of my therapist, I am better prepared to help my boys work through any current drama with friends, or each other.
I am getting a piercing, likely in my right ear - maybe an Auricle, or a Pinna. This is to celebrate my weight loss of over 10% from my starting weight. In celebration of getting to my goal and staying there for 6 months, I will be getting another tattoo. I want an Ambigram of Karma going around my ankle, but haven't found one where I like the way it reads, and I've been woring on my own design for it as well. I am celebrating me.
I know this is a rambling post, and don't hold me to any sort of sanity this late at night!

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Barry said...

It is always great when people notice and give positive feedback. I don't think people realize how important this is and are probably deep inside their own heads wondering why people don't praise THEM enough.

Interestingly my word verification is "singus". Maybe we all need to "sing us" more often.