Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Town Shoot Out - Aquariums

This week's shoot out theme is courtesy of ChefE of Creative TMI. "An Aquarium or fish tank can come in many different shapes and sizes. Common types are glass and acrylic. We have them in our homes, we have them in our communities. Granted this time of year where I live is not as popular to go on a road trip to visit the one we have in Camden, NJ, but I have been wanting to go.

If you think about it we are all living on one big giant fish bowl, and viewing each others lives through our blogs. We also have probably been swimming and taken a few underwater photos! My new phone has an app that allows me to take fish bowl photos A puddle, or even just a lonely beta or goldfish will suffice. Get creative, and I am sure whatever you all post will be nice!"
I encourage you to go and see everyone's contributions here or here.

I won't get to Monterey Bay Aquarium until next month, so I tooled on over to Aquarium Concepts here in town and got some great shots!
This shot of a ray is completely unaltered, which is something I cannot say for a vast majority of my work.

Was playing with sharp filter on this clown fish:

This is only one rack of corals that AC has, and they are all fascinating and beautiful:

I love eels - I know I'm weird that way:

This little guy made me think of Spongebob's favorite hobby:

The anemonae are lovely as well:

Really filtered for contrast:

Soft coral:

This coral was waving in the current:

A fuzzy image of a shark:

I thought the mouth on this guy was cool:

You can even buy salt and brackish water:

Happy Weekend all!


Jama said...

You have some awesome pictures here, I love especially of the coral and the silhouette shark.

Pauline said...

That shot of the eel is amazing! I also love the coral, but then I just love all coral. Re the artwork on my post, I should acknowledge the source but I was taking photos on the sly. Usually in this place I take photos so I can go home and re-create something. But you can check out what's available at this place here:
they do have some lovely things I'd like to have in my home, too!

NanU said...

Great shootout, J9. My favorite is the eel, and the way it seems to be saying hello.

Rebecca said...

Just what I want...brackish water. :) Great shots, I do like that first one.

Bagman and Butler said...

Got a chuckle at the sucker fish mouth -- another kiss me quick fish. And I have always had a thing for eels too. I wonder what eels think if they see a snake crawling by on land.

Anonymous said...

I loved the clown fish. I found one in my MD's aquarium in his office. No in love with eels. Too much like snakes for me. You did a great job with the camera.

Gordon said...

Simply incredible shots, J9.

Kathryn Magendie said...

Oh dear but these are gorgeous! wow.....!

SOL said...

Great variety of shots. I enjoyed them all!

Ann said...

I like the the giant eel, so elusive hidhing, the eels here are in the open water.

Can you help nemo find it's home from the Australian water?

Ann said...

I also like the last photo of paying for your water.

Kerry said...

oooh you got some great pictures! The waving coral and the hiding eel are my favorites, but they're all super cool.

GingerV said...

in your second photo the fish looks like it has hair - wonder if nature intended that. can't wait for your shots next month.

Barry said...

Wonderful pictures J9. I especially like the eel, dangerous and grumpy looking guy that he his.

This is really an remarkable series of photos.

Sarah-Paige said...

Awesome pictures! Great shot of the eel, I like them too.

Jen said...

J9 - I think you outdid yourself.